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Traeger Hot Rod Replacement Igniter w/ Fuse & Instructions For Hardwood Pile

Traeger Hot Rod Replacement Igniter w/ Fuse & Instructions For Hardwood Pile

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Here’s a sad story. It’s the 4th of July (or some similar weekend barbeque outing), the family and friends are gathered, the cold beer is flowing, and the good times are rolling. Your hefty plate of St. Louis style pork ribs is ready for the smoker. You and a buddy or two are huddled around your smoke pit, waiting for the beautiful faint hiss of raw meat hitting a hot grill. You go to turn on your grill, and then suddenly it happens: nothing. Not a thing. Your grill doesn’t light. You try and try again to fire it up and, still, nothing. Confusion turns into annoyance. Annoyance quickly gives rise to a subtle rage. The rage grows and grows, like the throbbing of a tumor inside of your brain about to burst. Why won’t the grill light? Everyone’s standing around, snickering, muttering. The barbeque appears to be, as the kids say, doomed.

Don’t allow for your barbeque to be ruined on account of a faulty fuse or a burnt out hot rod. Whether you constantly use your Traeger smoker (or any other grill from that same brand) on a nightly basis (as you oughta) or you’re simply a once-in-awhile type griller, parts are going to need replacing. Whether it’s from overuse, a short out, the weather, or simply a dud part, replacements are a necessary evil. In fact, hot rods need to be replaced every couple of years due to burnout. A quality hot rod should last you several years but sometimes people fall victim to a price they cannot refuse. And while Houseables believes in supplying you with the best product at the lowest price possible, some companies/sellers are more comfortable with shysty practices. And that’s how you get trapped into spending money on an inferior or altogether faulty replacement part. Don’t settle for cheap junk.

New to Houseables is our 200 watt (120 volt), 24” wire lead high density cartridge replacement hot rod heating element (that’s a mouthful). An identical match to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) hot stick, this replacement part will ensure that your grill continues to operate effectively. Our hot rod is designed for all Traeger branded grills except the PTG model. A hot rod is found in the base of a firepot. The burnt out hot rod may be difficult to remove sometimes. You may want to cut off the end with a pair of dikes as swelling can occur after consistent use. Removing the pellet hopper in order to get the connector for the new rod threaded back to the harness. A third rule of thumb is to tape a wire onto the electrical connector before removal. This will make re-insertion much easier. For best performance, only ⅛ to ¼” should be showing once the new hot rod is in the firepot. Follow the installation instructions and get back to grilling and be the BBQ MVP you were always destined to be.

And consider keeping a couple of backups on hand. After all, it’s a foolish game to play, not knowing whether or not your grill is going to work the day of your next big cookout. Happy grilling

Included in Sale:

  • One (1) Hot Rod Replacement


  • 3" x ⅜" high density cartridge heating element replacement
  • An identical match to the OEM hot stick
  • Compatible with all Traeger grills except for their PTG mode
  • 200 watt/120 volt
  • 24" wire lead hot rod goes into the base of the firepot
  • Designed for a quick connection
  • When your current hot rod shortens or burns out, this replacement part will ensure that your grill continues to operate effectively

Other Details


Installation Tip:
Sometimes, the burnt out hot rod may be difficult to remove. Cutting off the end with a pair of diagonal pliers as swelling often occurs. Taping a wire onto the electrical connector before removal may also make the entire process go smoother


Direct igniter pellet igniter replacement for traeger pellet grills

Compatible with all Traeger grill models

3" x 3/8" High density Cartridge heating element

200 Watts - 120 Volts

Wire Length:
24" wire lead

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